Georgia Logistics Summit

March 16, 2022 - March 16, 2022
Macon, GA

Created in 2009 as an event to bring together all aspects of the logistics industry for lunch, the Georgia Logistics Summit has grown to become one of the Southeast’s most important logistics and supply chain focused events. Each year, the Summit has brought together speakers from prominent shippers in the industry, leaders in the state’s infrastructure and economic development community, as well as keynote speakers from some of the world’s most prominent supply chain-focused companies.

The 2022 Summit keynote addresses a highly anticipated topic – the digitalization of supply chain and logistics. Join us as we bring together leaders in their field to answer:

  • How do we leverage data and automation for efficiency while keeping data secure?

  • What are the impacts to logistics from digital transformation?

  • What ROI has been achieved from digitalization and/or automation?

  • Is the technology helping or hindering?

  • In a year of supply chain woes, could the digitalization of the industry have helped?

Beyond the Keynote discussion, will be a panel — Inside the Mind: Awakening Your Talent Search — a discussion you won’t want to miss. Talent pipelines across the country are suffering; hear from those producing the workforce of the future on how to engage with talent for recruitment and training

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Kaleris Employees in Attendance: Mike Treat

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