Our Approach

Multi-Modal | In-Transit | On-Site | Enterprise-Wide

Digitize, Control & Optimize Your Supply Chain Workflow

Increase productivity by controlling and optimizing mission-critical workflow in your supply chain operations.

Kaleris delivers leading cloud-based transportation and asset management solutions to accelerate supply chain execution for industrial and finished goods shippers and carriers to connect logistics and inventory at yards, terminals, and distribution centers and manage shipments via rail, truck, and multi-mode transportation. 

What is Supply Chain Execution?

Supply chain execution focuses on the hundreds of micro transactions, datapoints and decisions that occur in the day-to-day running of your supply chain operations. The sheer number of activities and stakeholders to balance in any given day can be daunting - let alone the unexpected delay or a customer change order.

While others provide solutions in various segments of the supply chain, Kaleris provides an end-to-end platform ready to serve complex multi-modal, multi-location supply chain systems. 


  • Operates with agility that complex supply chain management suites are hard-pressed to match, thanks to our real-time, operations-first, in-the-field solutions
  • Is execution-focused, where our real-time data and analytics are designed to help you automate routine tasks so you can manage the exceptions
  • Delivers the full view: from operations at a single yard to centralized data for a complex multi-modal global supply chain operations, Kaleris enables you to overcome "dark spots" in your data and workflow gaps


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