Kaleris + project44

Further automate the yard and dock. Improve customer service and carrier relationships. Understand dock capacity in real time.

Reduce congestion, wait times and transportation costs by combining project44's high-fidelity data and our data-driven automation in the yard and at the dock. 

Improved Experience

Deliver the optimal experience to the enterprise and your end customers. Real-time. Seamless. Predictive. Safe. Cost-effective.

Enterprise Value

Kaleris illuminates and automates operations at the supply chain nodes. Our partner project44 provides real-time visibility and predictability for in-transit assets across different modes.

Proven ROI

Our joint customers have seen 5% in transportation savings and up to 10% in operational savings.

Optimized Yard and Dock Management with Kaleris and project44

Kaleris and project44 provide real-time predictive ETAs and yard automation to streamline your stops and solve difficult supply chain challenges for shippers and end customers.

  • Reduce gate and yard congestion and increase gate velocity by automatically adjusting appointments based on priority, FIFO and other facility parameters
  • Responding to disruptions using real-time visibility data and predictive ETAs, the YMS can generate moves according to an updated schedule based on new arrival information
  • Dock coordinators can validate load and unloading schedules with predictive arrival times to optimize their workforce and minimize postponements
  • Reduce manual check calls and friction with carriers using real-time ETA and visibility data
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