Asset Management

Kaleris is dedicated to driving technical innovation within the logistics industry. We offer expert services and software for maintaining all aspects of asset management operations.

Railcar Repair Management System (RMS)

RMS is a powerful cloud-based software aimed at helping repair shops run more efficiently and economically. Our scalable solution is great for stand-alone shops or larger network shops that are looking to boost productivity.

Key Features:

  • Query Railinc industry data and report alert closures, inspections, and component IDs
  • Web access from different devices and the Mobile Solution to support offline operation
  • Integration capable for ERP, CRM, accounting, and other software systems
  • Powerful reporting engine with 55+ reports including work in progress (WIP) report, profit and loss, and efficiency reports
  • Save all repair-related files in one place. Quickly send files to customers directly from the system using our customizable email function.
  • End-to-end lifecycle of the repair process as well as time & labor tracking and inventory management
  • Generate and store BRC estimates and invoices in a wide range of available industry formats and utilize different billing methodologies including contract rates, AAR billing, MLPB, and custom price masters.
Railcar Repair Billing (CRB)

CRB is a cloud-based billing platform designed to serve the needs of Railroads for both AAR billed repairs and Multi-level Pool Billing (MLPB) for autoreacts. An end-to-end solution that enables railroads to protect their track asset, identify and repair high-risk rolling stock at or before interchange and bill car owners all through one platform.

Key Features

  • CRB System allows consistent file upload to easily add and identify rolling stock in need of repair. Using our Findus.Rail integration, car marks are automatically associated with equipment owners.
  • The system identifies high-risk equipment and helps plan repairs by using industry data feeds such as EHMS, Umler, Early Warning and Maintenance Advisories.
  • The reporting module provides useful information to help you manage the repair process. Reports and dashboards are configurable to measure key business indicators.
  • The CRB System is fully integrated with the AAR Price Master ensuring proper labor and material costs and real-time job code combination auditing.
  • The system generates and submits CRBDX CRIP files and corresponding face bills for both AAR billed repairs and Multi-level Pool Billing (MLPB) with a few clicks and automatically reports EHMS alert closures, inspections, and component IDs.
  • Back Office functionality processes outbound CROP files (car repair invoices for your own equipment), audits, and generates rebuttal billing to lessees.

With Insight for Railcars, railcar owners and shippers can optimize railcar maintenance, obtain a bird’s eye view of the entire railcar fleet, access industry data and monitor equipment health.

Key Features

  • Improved Fleet Metric and Reporting
    Insight manages key aspects of your fleet and offers real-time business insights through robust reports. Using the reporting dashboard, users can generate many configurable reports to help see trends within their fleet.
  • Support Shopping Decisions and Analyze Repair Costs
    Insight stores historical repair data including AAR billed repairs and contract shop repairs to help analyze repair costs and fleet maintenance trends. Insight supports your shopping decisions by showing detailed reports of the fleet repair history.
  • Streamline the Shopping Process and Better Communicate with Shops
    Insight’s repair dashboard tracks the status of your railcars at each repair shop. Contract Shops can access the Insight Shop Portal to update status, submit estimates, invoices, and other important information regarding repairs being performed.
  • Manage Lessee Agreements and Generate Rebuttal Billing
    Insight tracks the leased equipment and the terms of the agreement. It automatically creates rebuttal billing for contract shop and AAR billed repairs.
  • Audit BRC Invoices For Accuracy
    After receiving invoices from repair shops or CROP files from Kaleris' CRBDX, Insight's BRC auditing identifies billing errors within invoices against standard AAR audit rules and specific user-configurable audit rules.
  • Analyze Fleet Data and Improve Maintenance Management
    Insight analyzes your historical fleet data to manage ongoing budgeting for repairs, identify high-risk equipment based on component failure rates, and provide detailed reporting on repairs made across the fleet and potential future repairs.
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