Transportation Management

First Through Final Mile

Many of the world's largest brands rely on Kaleris for mission-critical software solutions and innovation to control and optimize the movement of goods through yards, terminals, and distribution centers throughout the supply chain.  


Truck Carrier Management

TCM is the central repository for all master data and ensures shipper, receiver, and carrier have one version of the truth. Transactions are processed in real/near real time and all stakeholders can easily and quickly verify amount transported, apply expected charges, and identify exceptions.

Truck Carrier Management streamlines first and final mile transportation management workflows and helps inventory owners manage load tendering, dispatch, ticketing, shipment visibility, inventory, invoicing, and carrier payment approval. 

Additional Features

  • Multiple run ticket types - including crude oil, fresh and produced water, sand, and chemicals
  • Load tendering to carriers and dispatching to drivers
  • Managing load status throughout the run ticket lifecycle.
  • Mobile applications for various users – drivers, lease operators
  • Visibility to truck locations - in-transit and dwell time
  • Centralized master data processes and collaboration workflows
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled reporting created by customer
  • Ability to grant collaboration partners access

Transport Analytics

Transport Analytics enables enterprise rail visibility and helps customers measure and report on load status, in-transit performance, cycle time, dwell time, and detention charges.

Kaleris streamlines first & final mile transportation management workflows & helps inventory owners manage load tendering, dispatch, ticketing, shipment visibility, inventory, invoicing, & carrier payment approval.

Rail Shipment Visibility

Rail Shipment Visibility enables a real-time look into rail assets to automate rail operations and enhance supply chain communications and transport.  Integrating railcar event data and business intelligence reporting from hundreds of railroads, users receive accurate and up-to-date information on the location, status, and ETA on all shipments and inventory in transit.

Rail Shipment Visibility helps users identify railcar delays, reduce variability on each shipment, improve railcar processing, and simply rail scheduling and shipment management.

Additional Features

  • Monitor railcar location, status, and ETAs in transit on manifest and unit train shipments.
  • Manage all railcar fleets, user defined sub-fleets, and supporting lease agreements.Maintain and adjust trip plans to reflect changes to railroad schedules.
  • Utilize performance reports to manage cycle time, carrier performance, and ETA accuracy.
  • Identify data reporting errors with comprehensive exception reporting tools.
  • Correct and add missing data and CLM events.
  • Close trips that have not been properly closed.
  • Input waybill info if electronic waybill is not received.
  • Data integrity support and continuous analysis and cleansing of all CLM data captured.

Logistics Plan is used by industrial shippers and receivers at both plant and terminal locations to forecast shipment fulfillment requirements by matching daily and future customer orders with expected inventory & equipment supply. Logistics Plan is integrated with Rail Shipment Visibility to provide advance notification of shipment status, location, and ETA.  Logistics Plan manages planned vs. actual shipments, captures variance to plan, and adjusts the next day plan for differences in orders, inventory, and equipment availability.

Planning horizons can be managed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  Logistics Plan can be integrated with inventory management systems to populate beginning inventory and anticipated production data by plant and terminal location. 

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