Digital Yard™

Digital Yard™ easily scales to address complexity & size from a single location to enterprise-wide operations

8%-10%​ of Annual Transportation Budgets are

Wasted Due to Yard Inefficiencies.*

* 2020 State Of Yard Management Report, Adrian Gonzalez, Adelante SCM​​

“There are many factors that influence transportation costs, but there is one that many companies overlook: the link between yard management, driver detention, and freight rates." -Adrian Gonzalez, Lead Industry Analyst​

The Digital Yard™ is a multi-mode rail and truck yard management software solution for liquid and dry bulk shippers and receivers. Kaleris offers the ideal platform for industrial shippers to manage logistics operations and inventory management workflows at production plants, terminals, and transload facilities with bottom line in mind. 

The Kaleris platform provides plant and terminal managers the visibility they need to control inventory movements—inbound, outbound, and on-site.  Digital Yard™ provides a single source of inventory quantity, status, and storage location from one to multiple facilities.

Finished Goods - Truck

Real-time visibility of transportation assets & shipments enables real-time collaboration with vendor partners & suppliers through an online portal. It also gives companies the ability to know exactly when a shipment will arrive, and once it’s checked into a manufacturing or assembly plant, the exact location of the trailer or container within the facility, which is crucial to timely delivery to assembly lines.

Kaleris also offers a real-time finished goods tracking system that can be used to provide location information for automobiles, heavy equipment, and laydown yards.

Industrial Goods - Rail & Truck

Digital Yard™ coordinates information between your Manufacturing Execution System, Transportation Management System, and Warehouse Management System to streamline yard operations, minimizing dwell times, demurrage charges, and detention fees.

Many Fortune-500 companies optimize their operations with minimal slow down during transition periods, using Digital Yard™ software by Kaleris.

Rail Accessorial Charge Management (ACM)

Accessorial Charge Management provides an easy-to-use way to view, manage, and audit railroad demurrage invoices. ACM aims to arm Shippers with the proper data to effectively dispute demurrage, and take the leg work out by truly managing by exception.

ACM processes event data from the Kaleris TRAX Application in near real-time and automatically calculates the demurrage charge based on the defined demurrage tariff agreements. All relevant information is provided in a user-friendly manner, providing a breakdown of the demurrage charge and service credits received. ACM also allows the user to recalculate the charge or re-rate the entire event based on the relevant changes performed.

Hybrid Finished & Industrial

Digital Yard™ enables shippers to share pertinent information with other parties in the supply chain as well as maintains safety & security measures.  Yard management solutions can greatly increase asset utilizationprevent demurrage charges, & reduce fuel use and carbon emissions with regards to idling refrigerated trailers.  If a shipper reduces the number of trailers dwelling loaded in a yard, it can eliminate transient inventory & associated carrying costs from the supply chain. 

Digital Yard™ Features

Gate Management

The gate system can be manned or unmanned in managing inbound and outbound rail and truck shipments. This automatic process streamlines gate procedures and increases the velocity of gate check-in and check-out of yard tractor-trailers, yard trucks, shuttle trucks, tractors, and drivers up to 100%.

Yard Truck, Rail & Shuttle Management

Through an in-cab touch monitor, Kaleris facilitates two-way communication between the traffic managers and the drivers to assign, prioritize, and confirm tractor-trailer move tasks. Additionally, yard managers can solve yard management challenges by monitoring the location of the yard and shuttle trucks in real-time.

Carrier Collaboration from Manufacture to Final Destination

Carriers gain real-time visibility over assets in their customer yards and can make gate appointments online 24/7, eliminating the need for frequent phone calls and faxes. Carriers can also perform live inventory checks, view current load status, and obtain historical records of asset activities.

Real-time Visibility

Real-time location systems (RTLS) enable users to track and locate yard assets in real-time using passive RFID, GPS, and other sensors. All the information collected is presented in an easy-to-use, cloud-based system. Automate railcar movement tracking with AEI fixed and mobile device integration.

Reports & Analytics

A robust collection of more than 100 standard reports and dashboards are available within our Digital Yard™ including recent arrivals, departures, and yard capacity. See empties by the carrier, which can be augmented by custom reports. Reports can be exported by yard managers to Excel or scheduled to be run at predetermined times.

Seamless Integration

Digital Yard™ software enhances the value of existing warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems through easy integration and the provision of real-time visibility and data via web API.

Reefer Management

Records refrigerated trailer information including temperature, fuel level, operating status. Alerts operators to ensure regular checks are performed on all reefer trailers at a facility and all necessary and important information is recorded.

Dock Management

Digital Yard™ provides a graphical view of dock doors, showing yard asset details and the ability to initiate moves to and from the door. Additionally, the Digital Yard™ includes Dock Scheduling capabilities, which are used as an inbound load planning tool by yard managers or trading partners.

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