Introducing: Accessorial Charge Management (ACM)

Introducing: Accessorial Charge Management (ACM)

Tired of the lack of information on why demurrage was being charged and in which context?
Do you wish you had full visibility into charges and the ability to manage detention & storage charges efficiently?

Join us for a first-hand look at the latest Kaleris innovation for Accessorial Charge Management (ACM). This game-changing Kaleris offering covers all aspects of shipper needs missing from the current market. Don’t miss out on this exclusive demo from product expert Scott Biernacki.

ACM Features:
-Accessorials, demurrage, and storage Management in ONE place
-Automate manual spreadsheets/sharing
-Utilize TRAX data = no additional charges to customers from Railinc, etc.
-Data-driven decision-making due to full visibility

Presented by: Scott Biernacki

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