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Illuminating Rail Yard Visibility – Yard & Transload Management (YTM)

Rail Yard Planning, Tracking & Execution – 

Rail yards can often become a dark spot in the supply chain. Rail logistics managers often find themselves asking questions such as: “When are railcars available to ship?” and “What is the status of the railcar?” Meanwhile, rail yard managers and operators who are eagerly trying to improve throughput often find themselves asking “Where is my railcar?” and “Which railcars are available to load?” With a lack of visibility and planning tools, these questions are difficult to answer.

Yard and Transload Management (YTM) shines a light on these dark spots by offering a powerful tool to plan, execute, and track railcar management activities.



Need to track railcar activities?

YTM tracks who and when all railcar activities are performed with a visible railcar audit trail.


Need to track customer order fulfillment progress?

YTM tracks PO fulfillment against shipments and stores all railcar inspections indefinitely to be retrieved as needed.


Automation & Consolidation of data from multiple systems 

In today’s rail yard, there can be many operating systems and email correspondence in play. This often means rail yard managers are updating many systems with redundant data.


Here are some of the ways YTM can eliminate multiple touchpoints and streamline data:


For additional information, or if you have any questions, please email info@kaleris.com.  We are also hosting a YTM Webinar in September, Register Here!


Written By: Kelly Jensen (Senior Product Manager)

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