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Grocery Automation: The Latest Digital Yard Innovations For Retail


To manage high volumes of inbound and outbound yard traffic, grocery retailers are turning to the Kaleris Digital Yard ™ to streamline operations, save time, and improve docking capabilities.

The latest in grocery automation provides visibility into pre-cool and trailer loading for DC to store delivery. Our Waving features are aiding one of our larger national grocery chains in configuring requirements for assets, such as Trailer SCAC, Movement Type, Load Status, and even customizing values based on those set in the shipment (such as Smooth Floor, etc).

They never miss a beat when it comes to shipment data, as everything from Destination Dock Door, to Desired Equipment for Shipment, Wave Name, and customized sequencing where you want the shipment to be processed are all tracked through Waving Outbound reporting. Through Wave Releasing, each shipment can have a matching journey set up in that wave, and access to the kind of asset the journey requires, as well as the moves for the asset.

Combo-Loading, which is the ability to load a trailer at multiple warehouse locations, enables operators to establish common routes for all the stops, consolidating multiple warehouse loads onto one trailer, and even enables mixed loads, where you see a combination of frozen, fresh, and grocery order together.

Kaleris advanced yard management solution leverages a real-time location system (RTLS) to provide the users with accurate and timely information, enabling them to better manage
their resources and operations. Kaleris YMS is a web-based offering with a quick and efficient implementation process that can be stood up in weeks rather than months. Retail grocers
appreciate the fact that users can be given access to the website and then use it to track their trailers.

Ultimately, increasing real-time supply chain visibility provides enterprise leverage of existing systems, reduces inventory carrying costs, and enhances competitive positioning through greater efficiencies in the supply chain logistics management process.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kaleris Digital Yard ™ and our YMS capabilities, please reach out to our team.


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