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Kaleris Spotlight: Elliott Hopper, Project Manager

The Kaleris Spotlight introduces new team members we are proud to have join the Kaleris team! As we continue to shine a light on the data dark spots of the supply chain, we are committed to investing in our people to help drive innovation for our customers.

Elliott Hopper recently joined the Kaleris team in February 2022 as a Project Manager for Intermodal Maintenance & Repair.  Originally from Charleston, SC; he has lived in Murfreesboro, TN (a Nashville suburb) for 25+ years.  Before joining Kaleris, Elliott served as a Project Manager at Buckeye Mountain for 8+ years and before that, worked for a global wholesale book distribution company based in Nashville. At Buckeye Mountain, he served as project manager/product manager/business analyst/trainer/etc. for IMRS and has worked with all classes of IMRS users from executive project sponsors to end-users (mechanics in the field).

Outside of the office, Elliott enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and anything that has to do with airplanes or RC model airplanes.  Elliot has a lovely wife, a teenage daughter, and a son.

Feel free to connect with Elliott on LinkedIn Here!

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