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Multi-Level Pool Billing – What You Need to Know

MLPB is Live – What You Need to Know

The new industry standards for Multi-Level Pool Billing were officially implemented on May 1st, 2019. On June 1st, 2019 contractors and pool operators will be required to submit invoices (for repairs completed in May) in the new MLPB 500-byte file format using the MLPB job codes per Appendix B of the AAR Price Master.

For RailcarRx customers using the MLPB system that have already been entering data using the new standards, we suggest that you begin to generate your files and submit for testing purposes throughout the month so that any billing issues can addressed before months end.

What does this mean for you?

For ALL parties performing MLPB pre-tripping and repairs here are some tips to help make sure your billing is successful:

1. All billing must use the new MLPB “6000” series job codes.
2. IF submitting to Railinc or a Railroad a shop ID OR rail mark is required (available from Railinc).
3. All invoices must be submitted using the new MLPB 500-byte file format.
4. SPLC (Standard Point Location Code) must match the SPLC Railinc has on file for your location, your invoices will be rejected otherwise.
5. Ramp Codes must match the ramp codes provided by Railinc.
6. Rack scoring must be completed and submitted with an inspector code approved by Railinc.
7. RailcarRx suggests submitting one invoice per “service month.” Since Railinc is applying the monthly GPI to invoices, it would be wise to submit invoices that were generated during the month the repairs were completed. This way there should be no GPI issues when Railinc applies them to invoices for that service period.

For contractors performing repairs on behalf of Railroads the following items are needed to comply:

1. All rates/pricing need to be approved by the Railroad.
2. Invoices are submitted electronically (via FTP) to the Railroad or to Railinc (per the Pool Operators preference).
3. PDF face bills must be sent to the invoiced party via email.

For Pool Operators performing repairs the following items are needed to comply:

1. Pool Operator will submit MLPB formatted 500-byte file to Railinc (if collecting invoices from contractors or performing their own repairs).
2. Consolidated invoices will be reviewed by the Pool Operator for approval/audit.

After invoices are received by Railinc, they will apply GPI calculations to the Pool Operator’s invoice and send pool participants their share of the MLPB repairs costs. For reference, below is the schedule for MLPB submissions moving forward.

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