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Oilfield Customer Connection Event

Join Us for the Oilfield Customer Connection Event!

With ShipXpress officially part of the KALERIS brand, we’re introducing a new quarterly event for customers called Customer Connections. Based on which product you currently use, you’ll be invited to Customer Connection events for those solutions.

The Kaleris platform streamlines your processes by eliminating paper tickets, simplifying or eliminating most reconciliation, and integrating with your upstream and downstream systems. Producers, purchasers, and carriers connect once to the Kaleris platform to enable full and secure information sharing, as fast as real-time. Carriers can use their existing ticketing systems or use ours for free. Pumpers use our free mobile app to request and keep track of loads. Marketing gets real-time visibility to loads bought, sold, and transferred. And accounting can see tickets as soon as a load completes.

Data enters the Kaleris platform once & is shared with everyone who has permission to see it. All data is validated at the point of entry, to eliminate errors and the need for downstream corrections. When data changes, it changes for everyone. The Kaleris shared data approach provides the cleanest, most consistent data across the whole supply chain. And when everyone works from the same set of information, the need for double entry and most reconciliation goes away.

When: Wednesday, August 18th @ 10:30am EDT

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