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Supply Chain Talks: Kaleris + p44 Partner Series

Through Kaleris’ partnership with project44, we were invited to Supply Chain Talks hosted by Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Sr. Director of Global Partnerships & Alliances of project44.  Our Vice President of Business Development, Eric Breen, joined to discuss current developments, global supply chains and the wealth of logistics.  The last Eric and Kristian spoke was when PINC was first bought by Accel-AKKR in 2020.

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Webinar Recap:

Eric recapped: “They bought a couple of rail companies and all of a sudden, we had multiple brands under one roof, and they said, We need to maybe change the name. So we changed the name to an umbrella company called Kaleris… But, what’s nice about it is that we’re now in yard warehouse, yard rail, and we’re going to soon see us in ocean ports, potentially intermodal and other modes of transportation in the supply chain.”  Kaleris is expanding expertly across logistics to support capabilities in the direction of our customer’s needs.

Kristian asked, “In your job, you worked with shippers in both Europe and the US. Have you seen any differences or similarities between these two major markets?”

Eric: “Yes, actually, both. Yeah, let’s start with the differences first, Kristian, in North America, we tend to have little more land. A little more space to spread out, right? So the warehouses here and the yards that support those, the parking loss, if you will, are much larger. And that’s a pretty much a tradition in North America, have large warehouses.”

Due to the varying yard and warehouse sizes, different customers have different needs and priorities, Kaleris keeps this in mind and has highly integrative software solutions.  In Europe, Eric explains there are smaller yards, which means less space for trailers which results in more “live drivers”.  With this in mind, Kaleris has pushed for innovation in gate and dock management to run this type of operation in the most optimized fashion.  “Supply chain challenges exist across the entire globe and that’s very similar and matter where you are in the globe,” says Eric.

Eric continues on to express the importance of data and metrics to operation optimization.  Data-driven decisions are the method of the future because they are measurable and evidence-based.  Data can also be automated and when time is money, automation fuels savings on labor and errors.  “We are making things faster and more efficient, and make that whole process much smoother with our partnership,” says Eric.  With this partnership, visibility is exponentially enhanced for crucial operational insights.

Finally, Eric discusses how the pandemic affected the logistics industry and how it shed light on the gaps in logistics operations and software.  Visibility has become a priority now more than ever.


Tune in here to listen in more detail to Eric and Kristian’s valuable discussion on the supply chain and where it is headed!

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