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Rail Visibility (TRAX) Q4 Customer Connection

TRAX Customer Connection Event

The TRAX Customer Connection unveiled the latest updates to our rail visibility application and introduced new capabilities, improved features, and upcoming releases.

Get a first look at:
-New Shipment Search tools with a streamlined workflow, intuitive filters, improved table controls, and an advanced shipment details pane.
-A new dashboard that provides a variety of different widgets, curated metrics and KPIs, and a highly configurable layout.
-A new fleet management module for improved searching, adding, bulk actions, and editing of your organization’s fleet.

Upcoming beta releases include:
-Updated reporting tools that simplify the user experience while saving and accessing customized reports.
-New reporting management that enables broad searching and improved tabular editing of subscribed reports.

The KALERIS team has been hard at work making sure that TRAX is intuitive and robust by bringing forward decades of rail transportation experience and putting it in our customer’s hands.

*Please Reach Out to Info@Kaleris.com for Access to this Recording*

We look forward to continuing to provide you with access to the latest innovations to support your business.

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