The #1 Yard Management System for

Automotive Manufacturing

Real-time visibility of transportation assets and shipments enables real-time collaboration with vendor partners and suppliers through an online portal. It also gives companies the ability to know exactly when a shipment will arrive, and once it’s checked into a manufacturing or assembly plant, the exact location of the trailer or container within the facility, which is crucial to timely delivery to assembly lines.

All of these efficiency gains feed the type of lean, just-in-time processes that automotive and truck manufacturers depend on. This is where a vehicle yard management system can do wonders for your business.

Kaleris YMS Improve Automotive Logistics
  • Decision-making based on real-time capacity, labor, and resource requirements
  • Accurate asset tracking enabled by automatic data capture that is date and time stamped
  • Electronic task scheduling to yard truck drivers that increase productivity
  • Scheduling inbound and outbound dock door appointments based on real-time criteria
  • Performance management that provides access to KPIs on equipment and facility utilization and labor productivity
  • Electronic event monitoring for security and critical shipment arrivals

Track Inventory in Real-Time

As a subset of our YMS, Kaleris also offers a real-time finished goods tracking system that can be used to provide location information for automobiles, heavy equipment, and laydown yards.  

The Kaleris Automotive YMS tracks inventory with an RFID tag from assembly, golf carts and handheld tag readers are provided for easy tracing of assets through the yard. This can save costly man-hours when it comes to the movement of goods as search time goes down drastically. 

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