Rail Yard Management

Rail Yard Management provides plant and terminal managers the visibility they need to control inventory movements—inbound, outbound and on-site.  Yard Management provides a single source of inventory quantity, status, and storage location across one or multiple facilities.

Optimizing the Yard

Rail Yard Management is a multi-mode rail and truck yard management solution for liquid and dry bulk shippers and receivers. Yard Management is the perfect solution for industrial shippers to manage logistics operations and inventory management workflows at production plants, terminals, and transload facilities. 

What is Your Rail Yard Missing?

  • ­Digital management of inbound and outbound rail and truck shipments?
  • Assistance blocking and processing of railcars?
  • Maintenance of accurate yard inventory for railcars on hand and product quantity by storage type?
  • The ability to multi-level business rules and color codes to easily automate workflows?
  • ­Automated railcar movement tracking with AEI fixed and mobile device integration?
  • Defined facility configuration, yard and track layouts, and graphical interface?
  • Assigned purchase orders to shipments and track orders and quantity?
  • Advanced API tools for data integration to third-party software and hardware systems?
  • Mobile and desktop access with drag-and-drop capabilities?

Let Kaleris Innovate Your Rail Yard Operations

with Technology and Service

Kaleris offers solutions unique to the structure of your operations.  Whether your company is truck, rail, or multi-modal we can work with you to find the optimal solution to your needs.  Kaleris' rail YMS integrates with your existing systems to manage inbound/outbound rail shipments, block & process railcars, maintain and access accurate and useful records, and automate railcar movement workflows using AEI fixed and mobile integration.­

Kaleris is also unique in its ability to create multi-level business rules and color codes to easily automate workflows.  This works optimally because Kaleris can define your facility's configuration, both yard, and track layouts, as well as a graphical interface. Kaleris also allows assigning purchase orders to shipments, order tracking, and quantity updating.

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