Kaleris Steers Retailers Toward Greater Efficiency & Visibility

Yard Management System for Retail

We know that omnichannel fulfillment needs to speed shipments through the yard management process, ensuring departure timeliness is a priority. Our Advanced Yard Management System [YMS] for your retail operation ensures that you know which products are in which trailer so you can replenish warehouse stocks at a moment’s notice by directing trailer moves to the correct doors. Real-time visibility to all outbound, inbound shipments and inventory in the yard is critical. Kaleris provides shippers and carriers the ability to schedule shipments and get real-time visibility into the status of their trailer locations and load status. Many retailers often store inventory in the yard, acting as an extension to the warehouse.

Advanced Technology for Retail Logistics 

At the gate, the check-in process can enforce actions such as checks of the driver ID, seal integrity, equipment inspection, etc. Outbound equipment can be automatically assigned, depending on delivery route requirements. Spotters never have to search for shipments which maximizes productivity. Kaleris YMS detailed asset reports & alerting capabilities ensure appointments are met. A powerful rules engine means optimal dock door and spotter truck assignments of empty trailers based on asset proximity.

When yard capacity is at a premium, Kaleris manages the supply of available trailers by SCAC to ensure an adequate supply and makes sure carriers don’t use your property for excess trailer parking.

Kaleris coordinates information between your TMS and WMS to streamline yard operations, minimizing dwell times, demurrage charges, and detention fees.

Truck Carrier Management (TCM)

TCM is the central repository for all master data and ensures shipper, receiver, and carrier have one version of the truth. Transactions are processed in real/near real-time and all stakeholders can easily and quickly verify the amount transported, apply expected charges, and identify exceptions.

Rail Shipment Visibility

Rail Shipment Visibility enables a real-time look over rail movements to automate rail operations & enhance supply chain communications and transport. Users receive accurate and up-to-date information on the location, status, and ETA on all shipments and inventory in transit through integrating railcar event data and business intelligence reporting from hundreds of railroads.

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