Truck Carrier Management

Streamlining First & Final Mile

Ready for Real-Time?

Truck Carrier Management [TCM] streamlines first & final mile transportation management workflows & helps inventory owners manage load tendering, dispatch, ticketing, shipment visibility, inventory, invoicing, & carrier payment approval.

Truck Carrier Management

TCM is the central repository for all master data and ensures shipper, receiver, and carrier have one version of the truth. Transactions are processed in real/near real-time and all stakeholders can easily and quickly verify the amount transported, apply expected charges, and identify exceptions.

Key Features

  • Multiple run ticket types- including crude oil, fresh & produced water, sand, and chemicals
  • Load tendering to carriers and dispatching to drivers
  • Managing load status throughout the run ticket lifecycle.
  • Mobile applications for various users – drivers, lease operators
  • Visibility to truck locations - in-transit and dwell time
  • Centralized master data processes and collaboration workflows
  • Ad-hoc & scheduled reporting created by customer
  • Ability to grant collaboration partners’ access
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